Monday, March 2, 2015

Wonderful Exhibition with Projections, Hortus conclusus carpet and Hans Leu paintings

Hans Leu

Отправилась я на выставку красивых картин Музей Истории Швейцарии, мотивы которых вырезаются ножницами и ножами, а попала в другой зал и осталась там на 1,5 часа. Выставка поразила особенным представлением выставочных объектов со спецэффектами.
В огромном просторном зале были представлены старинные ковры, фрески, картины средневековья. Меня сразу поразили сочные натуральные «живые» цвета, которыми были написаны картины и разрисованы фрески. Потрясающе, как будто бы кто-то взял в руку клубничину и вылил ее красивый красный сок на полотно. Интересные мотивы, старинная одежда, геральдические фигуры.
Но когда есть возможность удобно сесть напротив, начать слушать рассказ этот самый красивый ковер и наблюдать как с помощью проекций бежит вода в фонтане, дева Мария освещена божественным светом(гобелен с мотивом Hortus conclusus (огороженный сад)), где-то гремит гроза, где-то пожар (картина старинного Цюрих, Hans Leu), где-то кто-то мчится на коне, то создается впечатление, что не прошло сотен лет и как будто бы сцена на картине происходит прямо перед твоими глазами в данный момент.

I went to a "Paper cuts" exhibition of beautiful pictures in the Museum of History of Switzerland. This exhibition presents a fascinating paper world created with the help of scissors and sharp little knives. Suddenly, I got into the other room and stayed there for about 1.5 hours. The exhibition inspired me by a presentation of the objects with special effects.

In a huge spacious hall there were antique carpets, murals and paintings of the Middle Ages. I was immediately struck by lush natural "living" colors of the painting and the murals. Fabulous! It look as if someone picked up some strawberries and poured their beautiful red juice on a cloth. Interesting motives, old clothes, heraldic figures.
But it is even more exciting when you can sit comfortably in front of the carpet, start listening to its history and at the same time watch via projections how water is running in the fountain, the Virgin Mary is illuminated by the divine light (tapestry motif of Hortus conclusus (closed garden)), a thunder storm or a fire begins (the picture of the old Zurich painted by Hans Leu), somewhere someone is racing on a horse, it seems to you that this very scene from the picture is happening right before your eyes at the moment.

Best Regards,
Ekaterina Marmy.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Le Monde du Bonheur - A precious gift of nature

We are a team of 2 people, me and my good friend, Marie-Claire Dindart, decided to create a new small company in Switzerland and called it "Le Monde du Bonheur". 

Recently we have created our website, It is an online store for natural body care and gourmet food (available from May 2015) in Switzerland.

A precious gift of nature

"Gift" in the slogan means the "gift" with which nature endowed us. It shows that all our products are made from natural ingredients, do not contain parabens, mineral oils, aluminum, silicon or phenoxyethanol and have never been tested on animals. Le Monde du Bonheur pays huge attention to the selection of particularly spacial brands and products. And we only offer the products that we have tested and received a positive feedback.

Our world has changed a lot. Every day we are stressed by the pressure of deadlines and constraints. Therefore, one needs relaxation moments to sit back, relax and enjoy something really great. We find the true peace in harmony with nature. Our mission is to offer such products for every day, which  can make you feel relaxed and enjoy life again and again.

Le Monde du Bonheur offers you spa products for yourself or give you an inspiration for beautiful gifts for your family, friends, colleagues and business partners.

We are happy to offer you the following choice of brands: Panier des Sens, Le Chatelard 1802 Lothantique, Stoneglow Candles London, Winter in Venice, Coté Garrigue, Jardin de Gaia, Secrets D'Apiculture

We wanna gift you smile, we wanna surprise you, we wanna share with you our discoveries, we wanna gift you a small aromatic world. When you are happy about the product, we are also happy that we managed to make you to smile. Your smile - your best present for us.

We offer you a huge basket of aromas to choose of.

Please, be free to visit our new website,

Ekaterina Marmy.

My choice: Autumn look - cool but chic

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