Sunday, November 4, 2012

Style is Forever


STYLE IS FOREVER "Style is Forever", said Ralph Lauren. "Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with Fashion". I want to agree with this famous designer ( and one of my favorite, by the way;).
 I really noticed that every season in every new collection i choose things that really match my personal style preferences. New things but matching my classical (mostly!) style and adding some new fresh and bright flashes into it!

This autumn I was very much inspired by a new Ralph Lauren collection that I couldn't resist to buy a blouse by this designer. Now i have a nice complex of RL things, a blouse and glasses...and very soon a new scarf will be delivered from Zalando:))) Unfortunately, cannot show myself up to the hilt, but very soon;)

JEANS & RALPH LAUREN BLOUSE I love wearing jeans. I don't know why i haven't worn them for quite a long time...but suddenly I felt a need to wear them again, so I just went to different web-sites and found the ONLY ONE for me. They are deep dark-blue classical and skinny jeans, and just a little bit washed out in some parts.

My choice: Autumn look - cool but chic

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