Sunday, September 23, 2012


RESIDENT EVIL 5: RETRIBUTION Today i went to watch the 5th part of Resident Evil. Having played once the game and being interested in the previous parts, i valued the special effects and the plot idea. Maybe someone will say that the plot is a puzzle a bit, but if you remember the other parts, then it will seem to you very logical.

BORDEAU AND MILITARY For the movie evening i decided to wear clothes that will be in trend this autumn and at the same time somehow match the movie: bordeau dress by Mango reflects the color of an Ada's dress and my shoes and coat in the "military" style repeats the main idea of the movie.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Burgundy and Blondy

BURGUNDY & BLONDY It is me in the trousers in red wine color:))) This autumn this color is very popular, a lot of brands presented their collections in which trousers, jeans, sweaters, t-shirts etc, are in this color and its shades...I really like the appearance of this color among the main trendy autumn colors! It is so bright and at the same time so restrain! Moreover i always love natural "berry"colors:)))

Wearing jeans in this color i have created 3 looks:))) but i am sure, that i will then create some more ones, because such jeans in this color can be simply combined with any light-beige, white or grey blouse, sweater, blazer, etc. 


My choice: Autumn look - cool but chic

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