Friday, August 31, 2012

Plum or honey? cool but chic!

 PLUM & HONEY, COOL BUT CHIC This slogan "cool but chic" associates with a Fall collection by a French brand Kookai. Autumn seems to be cold, rainy, windy, cloudy period...but it is not a point to wear only dark boring colors. This Fall almost every brand offers a new palette of bright "juicy" autumn colors. Why search for inspiration only in the grey sky and dark earth? Let's also be inspired by the colors of golden and bourbon leaves, plums and honeycombs! Once you wear something dark,grey, wear also something bright, and you will look chic and bright even if it is a cool, windy and grey fall!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Weekend, nature, heat

WEEKEND, NATURE, HEAT It was very hot days in Switzerland! so hot, that you can go for a short walk only in the late afternoon or in the evening... it is better to spend the other time of the day in a swimming pool or in a sea, swimming, cooling, relaxing...
During my walk i was wearing shorts and a T-shirt made of natural materials...also chose light natural colors what is the best decision for a hot day...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Will & caramel, beige and lemon

WILL is a nice small city in the north-east of Switzerland. There is an Old City(Altstadt) where you walk along tiny long streets with old beautiful houses which look almost the same, touch the roofs of each other staying in the long line. When walking there you feel as if you was transferred back in time, almost to the middle ages.

CARAMEL, BEIGE & LEMON When traveling i always prefer to wear convenient clothes but never forget about style, colors, etc. I was wearing this time beige trousers by Zara, lemon blouse by Orsay, caramel moccasins and a bag.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Goodies and My Best Friends

 GOODIES & MY FRIENDS This post will be about my friends and dream goodies which they gifted to me this July for my 25th B-day.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New pieces in my jewelry collection

NEW PIECES IN MY JEWELRY COLLECTION Pandora style jewelry, owls, tea-time bracelet, antique cameo brooch, pearls for elegant evening look, exotic elephants
Today i was putting things in order in my jewelry shelf and decided to share with you my favorite recent pieces which i bought or got as a present this July-August.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Swiss GlamBox July 2012

Uuuura! Yesterday i came back home late in the evening and found July Swiss GlamBox in my post box)))))  I was so happy!!!  This Glambox is so-so-so nice!!!  I was very pleased by the assortment: body lotion sweet lemon by The Body Shop, Guhl shampoo with almond, IsaDora lipstick, Lush lipstick and a Gift Certificate for a friend.

 Here is the July glambox:

Friday, August 10, 2012

A basket of flowers

FLOWER DANCE OR NEW QUILLED CARD Once i have already shared with you my hobby and a small business:) I extremely love to create beautiful colorful greeting cards and pictures in quilling technique. I was asked to create a B-day card 2 days ago.
After a long summer vocation break i am full of inspiration and new fresh ideas! And i want to share with you now the first "fruit" of my first August creation: a quilled flower card. Hope, you and my client will like the work: my creative blog

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Evening in Zurich and my dream bag

ZURICH & ZARA COTTON PASTEL ROSE DRESS Last evening i spent in Zurich shopping a bit ( because I always know exactly what i gonna buy and where). And then we had a walk with my husband after his second working day in a bank. I wanted to choose such a look that it would be both comfortable for shopping and walk but still elegant, feminine and stylish. As you have already probably noticed, the last time i mostly preferred clothes by Zara because this brand offers both affordable, elegant, stylish and trendy things and a great assortment of them! Every season I enter the shop and say, "wow! this thing is really for me"! For this look I chose a cotton pastel rose dress by Zara, beige shoes with a small comfortable and high-heel like platform-sole, a beige bag and an amazing pearl collar-necklace by H&M ( new collection, right now in the shops). I extremely don't like to boast but I couldn't but notice how my husband and people around me stared at me and enjoyed the look:))))
Hope, you guys, enjoy my outfit!

MY DREAM BAG it was my 25th B-Day 1.5 weeks ago, and my husband wanted to gift me a bag, but we couldn't find the right one, and finally, it happened! i was running thought one of the shops in Bahnhofstrasse to meet him after his working day, and on my way i saw attractive bags, among them was this wonderful bag, i looked at it, touched it and...made hour later it became mine :))))
It is really my dream bag, because i have been looking for exactly such a bag, such a color, design, fabric! It is a Genuine Leather bag made in Italy. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Ruffle peach skirt & Poble Espanyol museum

 RUFFLE PEACH SKIRT & Poble Espanyol museum
In Barcelona we visited Poble Espanyol museum, an open-air architectural museum, located on the mountain of Montjuïc. This museum reminded me a bit about Swiss miniature museum in Lugano. But only the idea is the same ( to show the most important sights). If in Swiss museum everything is very cute and small, it seems to you that you are transferred into a fairytale, then in Poble Espanyol all the houses are big, they are like real. Only "like" real because they are maquettes of the most important and beautiful buildings from all the regions of Spain. They are not just nice-looking houses, they are also museums and souvenir shops in which crafts and specialties of different regions are presented: olive oil, leather and glass production, different types of modern art, chocolate shop, a gallery with some works of the outstanding artists such as Picasso, Dali and Miro. If you once visit Spain i highly recommend to visit this museum!
Walking along small narrow streets and looking at the old amazing houses makes you feel the wonderful atmosphere and peculiar spirit of the Spanish small villages.
I was wearing a ruffle peach skirt by Mango, combining it with a blouse by H&M to make it look like a dress. The fabric is very tender, light, that is very convenient and practical for extremely hot weather and long walks. I completed the look wearing my favorite sandals, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Chanel style bag and pearl bracelet.

My choice: Autumn look - cool but chic

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