Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gaudi, multicolored mosaic & flower geometrical prints in clothes

GAUDI & MULTICOLORED MOSAIC We moved from small cute towns with hot beaches, exotic plants to a big city with the labyrinths of dark narrow streets and churches in Gothic style, and Gaudi with his kaleidoscope of multicolored mosaic, ...this creative masterpieces of Art together with amazing works of Miro, Picasso and Dali make Barcelona an amazing city! At the age of 73 Gaudi faced such a sudden and unfair death, but now everyone admires his works and is inspired by him. As Gaudi loved and couldn't imagine his life without Catalunya and Barcelona in particular, in the same way Barcelona and Catalynya cannot imagine itself without him nowadays. His works are amazing! I was also inspired by these masterpieces...even felt that i want to start to paint again as i did some time ago in an Art school when i was younger!!!

FLOWER GEOMETRICAL PRINTS Now in fashion there is different prints, especially, paisley, geometrical  flower prints and prints in the Oriental style. I really like the trend. On the photo you can see me wearing a blouse by Miss Selfridge exactly in this trend.  I couldn't but wear this blouse when visiting Park Guel and being inspired by Gaudi. 

Flower geometrical print looks stylish, elegant and bright!
Fashion advice: importance to chose the correct pattern and combine it with other pieces of clothes in the right way.
-  wearing something in this pattern( in my case it is a blouse), chose other pieces of clothes for this look in mono colors: trousers, accessory, bags, shoes...
- try to chose other clothes's elements in the matching colors ( in my case it is black, yellow, light beige and universal white are the best)
- flower geometrical patterns look very nice on women in any size...but, the bigger your size is, the smaller and lighter the pattern must me
- always pay attention first of all not at the attractiveness of the pattern, but at the fact how it matches you: correct size, fit your figure, colors match your eye, skin and hair pattern

have a nice day!
big hugs from Spain! miss u all!
Katya Marmy



  1. Сколько пёстренького всего :)

    1. ага:))) мне очень Гауди понравился))))

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