Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Geometrical prints in clothes (2) & owl necklace


GEOMETRICAL & ORIENTAL PRINTS & PLISSE SKIRT  The trend of the season is different prints, especially, paisley, geometrical  flower prints and prints in the Oriental style, and also a plisse skirt. I really like the trend. On the photo you can see me wearing a skirt by Zara in this trend. I prefer combining such a spriggy skirt with something monochromatic like this light beige-grey blouse by Benetton and beige Sandals by Max shoes.

OWL NECKLACE Finally i found a necklace with a sweet small owl which i really liked. I think, this owl really matches the look)))

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gaudi, multicolored mosaic & flower geometrical prints in clothes

GAUDI & MULTICOLORED MOSAIC We moved from small cute towns with hot beaches, exotic plants to a big city with the labyrinths of dark narrow streets and churches in Gothic style, and Gaudi with his kaleidoscope of multicolored mosaic, ...this creative masterpieces of Art together with amazing works of Miro, Picasso and Dali make Barcelona an amazing city! At the age of 73 Gaudi faced such a sudden and unfair death, but now everyone admires his works and is inspired by him. As Gaudi loved and couldn't imagine his life without Catalunya and Barcelona in particular, in the same way Barcelona and Catalynya cannot imagine itself without him nowadays. His works are amazing! I was also inspired by these masterpieces...even felt that i want to start to paint again as i did some time ago in an Art school when i was younger!!!

FLOWER GEOMETRICAL PRINTS Now in fashion there is different prints, especially, paisley, geometrical  flower prints and prints in the Oriental style. I really like the trend. On the photo you can see me wearing a blouse by Miss Selfridge exactly in this trend.  I couldn't but wear this blouse when visiting Park Guel and being inspired by Gaudi. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Overall, flower prints and hot Spain

OVERALL,FLOWER PRINTS, HOT SPAIN Sorry, sorry, sorry that i haven;t written for some time. I missed you and my blog very much....I am currently on the vocation in Spain, Costa Brava coast.  The weather is hot, till about 31 degrees, the sea and coast views are amazing both during the day and at night. Today i wanna present you my look for today's family supper at a restaurant. I wanted to wear something very comfortable and light that wouldn't rivet my movements and let relax and enjoy the evening. At the same time wanted to be elegant, feminine, bright and stylish. So, i chose this nice overall with flower prints, high-heeled shoes( as you remember, i wear them very rarely, only for special occasions, and only the most comfortable models), my favorite small hand bag in Chanel style that hangs usually on my shoulder and let my hands be free. And for a hair style i chose an upper up-do.
Here is my look:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My looks for Swiss tours


TRAVELING Dear friends,hi! finally found some minutes to post a bit:))) i am having these days really great time and nice weather; hope that u too! Me, my husband and my parents went to Schaffhausen to see Rheinfall (waterfall) and then Saentis mountain-the biggest mountain in the eastern Switzerland. Both places were amazing!!!! if some of you plan once to go to Switzerland, i strongly recommend to visit these 2 places.
STYLISH & COMFORTABLE I was wearing comfortable clothes! stylish but comfortable: this is my motto for tours, walks close to waterfalls and when going to the mountains!:))) comfortable: shoes, trousers or shorts, jacket or cardigan as it can be windy and a bit cold:)))))  
I wish you are also having nice days and good weather!!! miss u very much!!!

have nice summer holidays!
Katya Marmy


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Plans, Experience and News

 hi, my dear friends!

this post will be in a bit different style than my previous ones, because now my holidays start, and, unfortunately, i will not have a lot of time to post for the next one week and then until the end of July( for me it is a pity because i LOVE to POST!:)))
BUT! afterwards i gonna write a lot of summer and autumn-like new posts!!! I will prepare a great number of various looks, photos, interesting things to share with you!!!:)))

So, my PLANS, EXPERIENCE & NEWS to share with you:)))  


Sunday, July 1, 2012

beige-strawberry color blocking, nature & water-lilies

BEIGE-STRAWBERRY COLOR BLOCKING, NATURE & WATER-LILIES yesterday the weather was hot, up to 31 degrees...my day started with a driving lesson with a pleasant driving instructor; i was very happy to start to drive again 'cause it was long time since i have driven in my home city...and now i need to pass a test to get a Swiss driving license what will be not that simple, but possible, i hope))))
The evening was amazing...together with my friend we walked , first,  in the city and, then, took a funicular and went to the high hill where a magnificent view on the whole city opens...there are also several lakes where people get rest, relax, swim, get suntan, a lot of green fields, sheep and cows with huge bells.  
I was wearing a dress by Mango( recently i am wearing mostly dresses)))) in color blocking style in beige-strawberry colors...i really love this dress! it is stylish, bright, elegant and sexy...everything at the same time)))...as you have probably noticed, i almost never wear high-heels, because i like to walk a lot, move a lot, and, of course,the weather is so hot now... so, i need comfortable shoes...but when i go out in the evening with my husband and his friends, and we go to a bar, or a restaurant, or to visit someone, i wear high-heels;)))
The paths and green fields are amazing...we have also seen a lot of water-lilies on one of the lakes ( where is is forbidden to swim)...they reminded me about Monet; i love Monet!!!

My Monet

My choice: Autumn look - cool but chic

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