Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Swiss GlamBox June 2012

 Today i have got my second Swiss GlamBox,  June 2012!!! Was very happy to get it, and really liked the products inside. I was pleased by the assortment: essie mint nail polish, La roche-posay after sun gel-cream, Max factor color x-pert eyeshadow, volume powder and style gel for hair.

 Here is the May glambox:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Persian indigo, Passion Fuchsia & Misty Rose

PERSIAN INDIGO, PASSION FUCHSIA & MISTY ROSE passionate, mysterious, exotic with a touch of delicacy & romanticism...
Yesterday we went to watch football match, Spain against France. But before the match we walked a bit in the city and suddenly discovered a new very nice park where we haven't been it is the end of June, and it is the season of roses in St Gallen rose cascades are mostly planted! hey look amazing!

I always like to day i wanna something light, simple and casual, another day something bright, more elegant, more passionate...last evening i wanted that my look would look passionate, mysterious, but with a touch of delicacy and romanticism...I chose a dress from my dressaholic collection in persian indigo color ( was difficult to call this color, it is something between dark violet and dark blue) with an exotic pattern in passion fuchsia color. To finish my look and to add some romantic notes, i made a romantic hair up-do, decorated it with some roses in misty rose color, chose a handbag, shoes, bracelet and earrings in the same color...It seems to me that this rose color-shade is a perfect contrastive combination with Persian Indigo...

Friday, June 22, 2012


Yesterday it was Kinderfest in St Gallen. Thousands of children were marching in the street in St Gallen from its center up to the hill, to the field close to the University. Then they performed very nice songs in Swiss German and dances. After getting fun there we walked down the street staircase ( St Gallen is called a city of thousands of staircases!) to the lower part of the city, to to its center, and enjoyed the sunny hot weather and its beautiful small streets, flowers.

PROVENCE STYLE DRESS FLOWER PRINTS & NATURAL MATERIALI was wearing a flower print dress in the Provence style. It is really a perfect dress for such hot weather: natural material, cotton and shot length. I chose the matching accessories: a light-rose bag in  Chanel style, flat beige-silver sandals, my handmade rose-violet jewelry. To make the dress more fitted i used a golden-beige belt. To complete my look i made my favorite (and the hit of this season!) elegant French looped-under ponytail, and very light summer make-up ( i only made eye & lips makep-up, and let my skin breath and get a suntan). 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Creative process...

I don't remember whether i have already told you that i have a small  hobby-business and that my passion is to design and create things? Whether i make quilled "paintings", greeting cards, sew or paint something. I love to make something with hands! & Love even more when these things can be useful for someone and make him/her happy.
This summer i am preparing bracelets in Pandora style. I love my small business! because it gives me so much pleasure to order the details from suppliers, receive it, and then and mainly to create the design of the future bracelets, to combine elements together, to choose matching colors and, finally, to create a sweet unique package for it.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I am a Dressaholic

Not long ago i finally watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic". I don't now why i haven't watched it before. But finally i did it. And really liked the movie.  Especially the last scene ;)
If you happened not to have watched this movie, i recommend to do it, it is really about many of us, shopping addicted ones;))))
Now preparing for summer and for Spain,  in particular, I decided first to look what i have in my wardrobe, because sometimes forget about some nice pieces of clothes, then buy similar ones, and why should i buy similar ones? i should buy something  new, something what i haven't had, i understood that i am a real dressaholic!!! I came to St Gallen last September, i didn't take almost anything with me, and after some months my wardrobe happened to be full of dresses!!!
So, what have i found there?

My favorite summer Karen Millen dress with flower prints:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I have won the great Syoss set. Thanks to JUSTiBeauty Blog!!!

It is so pleasant when your day starts with such nice news: i have just won the great Syoss set!!! I am really happy, because Syoss is one of my favorite shampoos!!! I really like its scent, structure, and of course, the result! My hair is always very smooth, tender and nourished after using Syoss!!!
Thanks a lot and Vielen Dank to JUSTiBeauty Blog for the contest and possibility to with this set!!

I always give an advice to everyone to participate in different contests. The application takes usually around 5 min, and then u will maybe have a nice morning full of joy :)))

Beforehand i used shampoos and conditioners by this brand to repair my hair and to make them smoother. I am really glad to try this new product by Syoss which will have the similar function and, moreover, be silicone, parable and paraffin free! After testing the shampoo i will write my impression and compare it to previous Syoss lines more in details.

What is perfect for me about this set is:
- they are silicone, parable and paraffin free!!!
- it is for normal and damaged hair what i really need now after having used hair strengthener for a long time
- the shampoo smooths the hair structure and makes your hair simpler to comb, and the conditioner helps to prevent your hair from breakage

Have a nice day! & good luck with participation in different contests!
Ekaterina Marmy

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Yves Rocher + en cadeau & lemon sorbet

YVES ROCHER + EN CADEAU Today i have finally got my Yves Rocher order. Was very happy because, first, my first impression about products was proved and very positive, the products have very light tender structure, the scent is also very natural, flowers and fresh. And, secondly, love how this brands  presents its goods: design of packages, text, catalogs and always some very nice presents (cadeaus in French) !!! In this post i will present the order and describe every product in details. 
But still, it it my first impression! I am going to test  this new hydra vegetal line and make-up removal, and share in the next post my impression!!!  (as for foot cream, shower gel and deodorant, i use these products for a long time and i am satisfied with them)

 LEMON SORBET And why Lemon sorbet? Because today it was a very warm sunny day, and i was wearing a nice blouse by Orsay in this very lemon color.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A sunny day in Konstanz

Yesterday we again visited Konstanz, the largest city on the Bodensee. With its population of 80,000 people the city itself does not seem very large, but cozy and welcoming. Our plan was to see the baby penguin in Sea life, as well as to explore the city, because the last time we just passed it through, as our goal was the island of Mainau.
The rich and colorful history of this town dates back over two thousand years ago (when there was a Roman Constance fortress. Its remains can be seen under the glass pyramid in the center of the town). It is represented by the fortifications of the ancient Romans, churches of the early Middle Ages , the houses of the nobility and the burghers of medieval craftsmen, and large-scale buildings Gründerzeit. The old city center (Altstadt) is small, but almost every house here is an architectural masterpiece: historic buildings dating back hundreds of years. This ancient churches, beautiful architecture, the frescoes on the walls of houses. Walking through the pedestrian zone the works of artists can be seen.
LEMON & BOURBON This time i chose clothes in which i will feel convenient to walk for a long time, protected from the cold wind, will look both trendy and fit to the atmosphere around me. I  chose moccasin  and leather jacket in bourbon color, trendy lemon skinny trousers by Zara and a light blouse decorated by a jour flowers by Mango, Morom Morom leather bag and my favourite sunglasses by Ralph Lauren.


Friday, June 8, 2012

French Provence

 FLOWER PRINTS & NATURAL MATERIALS  I  always loved French Provence style: whether it is in interior design or in clothes. Something really attracts me in this style. It is its natural material such as cotton, linen, denim, satin, and gauze; its fabric: monochromatic or with lowers prints, especially with small roses and lavender. Such materials make a woman beautiful (here we speak about natural beauty!!!!), feminine, tender, kind...It is also very comfortable clothes for every day and  for hot weather. Also, when you are going somewhere for holidays during the day you need some rest, you relax, you want to be natural, that your clothes would be light...To my opinion, such a dress, for example, will definitely be for such a case! 
I have ordered in the internet( a very nice dress in French Provence style by Bleu Marine, Paris, one month ago. Today it was waiting for me in the post box. It is definitely in time! I am going to Spain in the middle of July, and still have some time to find some additional accessory for it, shoes and a light denim vest. It is made of cotton, in small roses prints and some lines of a jour decorations on it. It has my favorite length: until knees. Hope, you will like my dress!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inspiration by L'Oreal Professional & Intercoiffure Herbert in SG

My choice: L'Oreal Professional luo color & L'Oreal Expert
  I am very inspired by L'Oreal Professional, and already for a long-long time. Just now finally decided to share with you my thoughts and impressions. Several days ago i went to hairdresser in St Gallen, i wanted to have my hair toned at the roots ( 'cause naturally i was very blonde, but then my hair started to become more dark blond, so now i lighten them a bit), cut, cared for and styled. I chose the hairdresser's salon where they had L'Oreal Professional, because i already know which color shade i need to use that my hair would look afterwards naturally blond.
So, i would like to share my impressions of the visit, and of the product :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Coral - Zurich- Rouge Coco- Strawberry- Mint-Jimmy Choo

 This time i have a loooot of news for you!!!!!:))))
 Two days ago it was really perfect weather to go for a walk. This time we went to Zurich, 'cause we had some things to do there for work and haven't been there for some time. To walk for a long time along small nice streets i wore convenient shoes that matched my city-elegant look: a nice pastel-light rose jacket, a pastel-coral dress, and, of course, some matching accessory.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Swiss GlamBox May 2012

 Today i have finally got my GlamBox May 2012!!! Was very happy to get it, and even more happy to open it and experience! I was pleased by the assortment: toothpaste, cosmetics( powder and lipstick) and body butter. Moreover, i really liked the brands: Maxfactor, Swiss Dent, -417 dead sea cosmetics, glo minerals and glambox make-up brush.

My choice: Autumn look - cool but chic

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