Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here is my new look:))) I have finally found a maxi skirt that i really liked!:) I chose classical beige color.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Inspired by very warm weather, bright sunny rays coming into my window, i made a walk not far away from my house. Wanted to visit small nice places nearby. I have seen very nice bright flowers, long paths of flower beds, huge flower trees, nice views of the city. This city, St Gallen, every time looks so different for me, when i walk or go by bus at the same places - is completely different. When you have time and can discover some small things, it really makes you happy. Moreover, every city part is different. Here you ca see huge areas with green fields, cows, sheep, areas like in villages, then very beautiful city houses with beautiful roofs, the old city full of people,  shops, museums, work places, banks, bakeries, etc, wooden balconies, old houses which are 800-years old!!!
For such a calm walk along quit streets, small parks, i wore comfortable clothes that i would be more confinement to walk a lot. I am wearing on the pictures below a bright coral blouse and lemon skinny trousers. For accessory i chose light shoes with flowers prints, a rose bag, a ring with a rose and SYL bracelet. I tried to choose shades of the same basic main color,rose-scarlet, and lemon + scarlet are contrasting colors.

Friday, May 18, 2012

A short sunny walk in St Gallen to the Gallus place

 After some short period of cold weather it is getting warmer in St Gallen. Yesterday it was aslo a catholic holiday, no one worked, so my husband and I decided to make a walk in St Gallen and visit the Gallus place. According to the legend, close to the place near the Steinach river that you see on the photos below Gallus stumbled, thought that it was a God's sign, and establishes here St Gallen.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

SAL Y LIMON give away: Mother's day!!!

Once you wake up in the morning and get a nice news:


Monday, May 14, 2012

A weekend in the countryside/Выходные за городом

This weekend my husband and me spent in the countryside at his parents' place. The weather was very nice, on Friday it was hot till 26 degrees, other days a bit colder, but still sunny, just sometimes cloudy...
We enjoyed a walk along the Aare river, fed ducks, breathed the fresh spring-aroma air...and made some photos :)))

Эти выходные мы с мужем провели у его родителей за городом. Погода была очень классная, в пятницу жара до 26 градусов, в остальные дни чуть холоднее, но солнечно))) Мы насладились прогулками вдоль реки Ааре, покормили уток, подышали свежим воздухом,наполненным весенними ароматами...и сделали несколько фотографий)))

Thursday, May 10, 2012

40 Tiffany Tips

40 Tiffany Tips for you:
(taken from the official website: 
I even don't need to comment anything here: just find some time and read these magnificent Tiffany tips ))))) and as usually, very nice design, beautiful illustrations and light tender pastel colors ))))

This one is one of my favorite ones ))))

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Майнау или "Остров цветов"/ Mainau Island or "Island of flowers"

Майнау - остров, расположенный прямо в самом сердце Боденского озера и являющийся частью города Констанца (в федеральной земле Баден-Вюртемберге, Германии).
Он принадлежит семье Бернадотов, третий по величине на озере и занимает территорию в 45 га. С берегом остров соединяет мост. На острове находится барочный дворец, построенный в XIII веке. Он был построен еще во времена Немецкого рыцарского ордена, который владел островом с XIII века и последующие почти 500 лет.  Также там раcполагаются оранжереи, крупнейший в Германии стеклянный вольер для бабочек, сады в которых растут секвои, пальмы и другие тропические, субтропические и средиземноморские растения. Майнау также называют «Островом цветов». Большую ценность представляют необычные и нередко очень старые деревья, такие как, липа «Виктория», посаженная Великим герцогом в 1862 г. в честь рождения дочери, или же 150-летняя японская софора с причудливо узловатым стволом. Большой популярностью пользуются тропический павильон «Пальменхаус», где собрана коллекция из 1200 орхидей, и итальянский розарий, заложенный в 1871 г. в эпоху Великого герцога Фридриха I. В июле и августе здесь пышно цветут около 9 000 кустов роз 400 сортов.

Mainau is an island located right in the heart of Konstanz Lake and is a part of the Konstanz city (in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany).It belongs to the Bernadotte family,it is  the third largest lake and covers an area of ​​45 hectares. it is connected with the shore with the bridge. There is s a baroque palace on the island, built in the XIIIth century. It was built during the time of the German Order of Knights, who owned the island from the XIII century and the next almost 500 years. Also, there are greenhouses, the largest in Germany glass enclosure for the butterflies, gardens in which Sekvoyas grow, palms and other tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean plants. Mainau is also called the "Island of Flowers".  Unusual and often very old trees such as linden "Victoria", planted by the Grand Duke in 1862 in honor of the birth of his daughter, or the 150-year-old Japanese pagoda with intricately gnarled trunk are very popular. Tropical pavilion "Palmenhaus", where a collection of 1,200 orchids, rose garden and an Italian, founded in 1871 in the era of the Grand Duke Friedrich I. are also the main sights of the island. In July and August around 9000 rose bushes in 400 varieties blossom here.

My choice: Autumn look - cool but chic

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