Thursday, December 8, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Paints an Opulent Vision of India for Chanel

Be still my heart, what a magnificent effort from Karl Lagerfeld as he presents his latest collection at his Chanel Paris-Bombay Show at the Grand Palais on December 6, 2011 in Paris, France!!!  

In this show, intended to honor the Chanel’s craftsmen, Lagerfeld took inspiration from the India’s people, telling the Wall Street Journal that “even the poor have dignity…even poor women own three gold bracelets.” And there certainly was no lack of gold in the clothes nor the jewelry. Wow, i love him words! He is absolutely right! 

The Indian influence was strictly traditional, ranging from churidar-style leggings to the forehead-grazing teekas mentioned above. The shapes hearken back to classic Indian fashion, certainly, and the jewelry pairings make for truly stunning ensembles. 

Against a white background at Paris’ Grand Palais, models paraded past tables piled high with fruit, macarons, candelabras and other luxurious knickknacks. Bedecked with heavy silks and traditional South Asian teekas, the women carried forth Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld’s vision for a display entitled “Paris-Bombay Métiers d’Art Show” on Tuesday.


Let's enjoy together this beautiful fashion show!

And finally, some looks which i preferred!

Well,..bravo Chanel! & well-done, Karl Lagerfeld! 

And what is your opinion about the new looks, the main concept of the collection and the show itself?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Laetitia Casta is Snowmantic for Tiffany & Co’s True Love Holiday 2011 Campaign

Tiffany & Co. 
Holiday 2011
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh
Models: Laetitia Casta, Lee Pace

Tiffany & Co have finally released their 2011 Holiday Campaign and this year it features the lovely Laetitia Casta and actor Lee Pace, a glamourous celebration of the holidays and true love as photographed by Peter Lindbergh.  As you can see from the beautiful video below, it’s so aspirational and romantic which is what their brand is about and it makes me want to fly to NYC and wander through the snow holding hands with my husband being in love!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Preparation for Christmas (in Switzerland)


Advent is the period beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Eve, historically seen as the preparation of the arrival of Christ.
During the 19th century in particular, this waiting period before Christmas was viewed as a way of teaching children patience before a reward - hence the development of the Advent Calendar, a calendar with 24 little flaps opening onto windows with images within a Christmas scene.

Advent Calendars are very much a part of the Swiss Christmas tradition, as is the Advent wreath which has four candles, one for each of the Sundays in Advent (on the first Sunday, one candle is burnt, on the second, two are lit, and so on.



 As Advent starts all the people begin to prepare for Christmas: they decorate their houses and gardens, bake Guetzli, prepare presents for their families and friends...

 Meanwhile, outside everything is decorated for the Advent period and  presage that very soon Christmas comes.In this post i would like to tell about street decorations and Christmas Market in Zurich where every year famous beautiful glamorous Christmas Tree is placed decorated by Swarovski crystals!

Decorations in the streets are notable for their modesty, but at the same time high attention is paid to details, colors and style. Any shop window, any balcony, any street will not happen to be undecorated for Christmas. Of course, here i lay stress on the main part of the city, where all the main shops, restaurants and sights are located, so-called "Altstadt" in German. Just imagine, you are following the streets, and above your head in the sky huge stars are glittering! And everything around sparkles in different colors: all the decorations,  Christmas flowers, trees, strobiles, squirrels, deers, Father Xmases, jingle bells, angels, etc...And when all these decorations and lights are added to the front of an old beautiful XIIIth century house, everything looks like in a fairytale. It seems to you that you are sitting now in front of your TV-set and watching an old cartoon about Christmas, or see a nice dream. And the fresh frosty air is filled with the aroma of ginger cakes and mulled wine...)))))

( On the photos above: St Gallen, Switzerland)

A week ago I visited  Christkindli Markt in Züri. There everyone could find something beautiful, interesting and special for himself or as a present for friends and relatives: from crystal angels to "Lebkuchen"s, liqueurs and even Matryoshkas.

 Most of all i was astonished at the Christmas tree decorated by Swarovski crystals in different forms: snowflakes, angels, Christmas shoes, etc. I cannot even describe my emotions! It is worth seeing it!


Under the Christmas tree marvelous surprises were presented : they were "unpacked" only on the 24 of December when Christmas Market started its work. Most of all i liked huge Swarovski swamps, crystals and Christmas trees.

Moreover, there was a special small shop where people could buy all the presented Swarovski decorations until 24th of December. Prices were reasonable but still unbelievable. Nevertheless, there was a relatively long queue of people wishing to buy something...

After having visited the market we have walked along Bahnhofstrasse, the main street in Zurich. We were really shocked when we suddenly saw a Christmas tram in which people were sitting at the tables and eating fondue!!!

The sky above Bahnhofstrasse was powdered with small stars!!!

Bally's spring 2012 ad campaign

Today i have stumbled upon Bally's spring ad campaign.To my opinion, it is a perfectly made classical advertisement that consists of symbols reflecting Swiss mentality and all the traditions: charming white goats,   sweet St. Bernard dog' puppies and magnificent mountain landscape with non-deciduous trees...This ad happened to be very dynamic and alive!

The picturesque ads star Miranda Kerr, Julia Stegner, Cedric Bihr and Robert Konjic as well as some goats!

Bally's co-creative director Michael Herz said of the four-legged co-stars:

"We’d already introduced the goat as an emblem for the brand, and having them there felt right. We wanted the images to feel charming and make you smile."

Mission accomplished, Michael!

So, let's enjoy this ad: 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moët & Chandon Presents the Golden Premium Jeroboam

Moet & Chandon presents the Golden Premium Jeroboam. Moet & Chandon transforms the Imperial bottle into a limited-edition keepsake paying tribute to the brand's celebrated heritage and allowing champagne lovers to create their own masterpiece.
"Being unique is the essence of luxury: By signing its Golden Premium Jeroboam, each Moet lover can elevate an end-of-year gesture into a moment to remember," says Arnaud de Saignes, International Director of Marketing and Communications.

Celebrating heritage: A handmade reinterpretation of Moet & Chandon's iconic champagne bottle

Cloaked in luxurious, golden leaves, the Jeroboam is hand-gilt by renowned French artisan Arthus Bertrand. Reflecting Moet's glamorous past, the Jeroboam's design is closely connected to the noble heritage of the Trianon architecture - Moet and Chandon's Family estate. Dressed with an engraved medallion and real wax seal, both of which bear the celebrated stamp from Epernay, France, the Jeroboam also features a handcrafted reinterpretation of Moet's signature tie, which has appeared on the bottles since 1886.
Personalisation: The final touch is one's own

By signing with a specially-crafted pen, champagne lovers can create their very own Moet bottle and experience the luxury of personalisation. Adorned with one's own handwritten messages, each limited-edition is unique, creating a dazzling moment of celebration. With this grand gesture, anyone can take part in Moet's history of personalisation: for almost 300 years, Moet has created signature bottles as tributes to special events, such as the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II to the wedding of Grace of Monaco. Continuing this successful tradition, one can create an individual masterpiece that celebrates and shares the Moet magic.
Reflecting the brand's innovative and generous spirit, the Moet & Chandon Golden Premium Jeroboam offers the possibility of celebrating the end of the year with success and glamour.


To view the Multimedia News Release, please click:


Roger Federer and Andy Murray, the famous tennis stars, have already got a possibility to sign the bottle:

Karl Lagerfeld designs Château Rauzan-Ségla label for their 350th anniversary

Karl Lagerfeld is surely having a ball with bottles. After coke and diet coke bottles, it’s time to get his stamp of approval on a Bottle of Red now. He now makes way into fine wine boutiques, thanks to the Château Rauzan-Ségla vineyard. As the vineyard celebrates 350th years, Chanel’s special designer has designed the label for the 2009 vintage. The bottle sports a colorful sketch of the castle in the Margaux appellation of Bordeaux, France. The winery was acquired by Chanel in 1994, creating. Chanel acquired the prized winery in 1994.


Lagerfeld-designed-Château-Rauzan-Ségla-label-2.jpg Lagerfeld-designed-Château-Rauzan-Ségla-label-3.jpg

My choice: Autumn look - cool but chic

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